About us.

Not all web and app agencies are created equal.
OK, we’re sure you’ve heard that before, but at 4 Digital
we genuinely believe we offer a rare combination of
expertise, experience, passion and creativity.

How we tick

At 4 Digital we have one central belief. That the relationship you have with
your digital agency is the single most important factor affecting the success
of your website or mobile app. So we put you, our client, central to the whole
process. We listen. We advise. We collaborate. And we enjoy.

  • Our vision

    4 Digital is here to make a tangible difference in the web and mobile app landscape. We firmly believe that we can significantly help each of our clients through smart, impactful, intuitive, well thought-through digital solutions, enabling them to fully realise their own visions, with us at their side.

  • Our values

    1. To create powerful, compelling, and memorable digital experiences.
    2. To identify the optimum approach to elevate your brand.
    3. To make each project a positive and rewarding experience for you.
    4. To form genuine, long-lasting relationships and partnerships.

  • Our people

    Our team are all experts within their fields, combining a rare depth of talent, experience and vision. Collectively we have been involved in web and app development, branding, strategy and marketing since 1997. This includes projects for HM Government, Vodafone, Panasonic, DuPont, Good Energy, Haymarket Publications and Wincanton Logistics to name a few.

  • Our guarantee

    We pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality technical and creative digital projects. In fact, we are so confident in the sites and apps we build, that if you are not 100% happy with any aspect of our work we won’t charge you for anything you haven’t signed-off. Before kick-off we will also give you a Service Level Agreement to protect and reassure you.

Our team

Our people are the heart and soul of 4 Digital. While the company is new,
the founding members of our team have many years’ experience creating
compelling websites and mobile apps. Together, we apply all that industry
experience to excite, engage and connect with your target audience online.

  • andy-stanton Andy Stanton
    Andy Stanton
    Managing Director

    Andy graduated with a first class business degree in 1991 from the University of Bath and got involved in the web industry around the time Amazon was just getting going. With a unique mix of skills, he has gained significant business and marketing experience with large corporates such as Ford, Nissan and Tesco, but is also a very accomplished developer. He was one of three lead web architects on Vodafone’s UK online store – one of the most visited websites in the UK.

  • iain-brunwin Iain Brunwin
    Iain Brunwin
    Associate Creative Director

    Iain graduated with a graphic design degree in 1994 from the University of Plymouth and immediately was seduced by the emerging world of multimedia. As digital technologies quickly evolved and changed Iain moved seamlessly from designing interactive CD-ROMs for the likes of Panasonic and Kodak, to creating games and animated websites for DuPont and Wincanton Logistics, before fully embracing web design in all its various flavours.

  • Leeann Davies
    Project Director

    Leeann moved from Head of Internet Marketing at Europa Group 9 years ago into web development project management (lucky for us!). Everything we produce is carefully monitored and coordinated under her watchful eye. With her enthusiastic attention to detail she keeps clients fully informed every step of the way, ensuring projects always move smoothly from planning through to launch, meaning we meet our project delivery deadlines every time.

  • Sam Bias-Ferrar
    Mobile App Developer

    Sam is a seasoned mobile developer with many years of experience in native iOS and Android development. Having created award winning applications across many sectors – including entertainment, finance, education, and gaming – Sam can boast over a million downloads across his portfolio. In particular he loves the challenge of the fast paced and ever changing technologies required to create successful and engaging mobile applications.

  • rob-plumley Rob Plumley
    Rob Plumley
    Web Developer

    Rob is a web expert specialising in WordPress development. Having worked in this field for several years he has a broad portfolio of work for local, national and international organisations, in both public and private sectors. What Rob doesn’t know about WordPress isn’t worth knowing. He is well-versed in tackling a wide range of web development needs. His work has also included social media campaign development for mainstream consumer brands.

  • tom-dyer Tom Dyer
    Tom Dyer
    Web Developer

    Tom is an accomplished web developer who started off in the industry on the creative side of things and later moved on to more technical matters. That dual experience is like gold dust in our industry, and means Tom brings a rare insight to all of the projects he’s involved in. He started his career in the publishing industry, working on highly popular websites like PC Gamer and since then has sunk his teeth into a whole host of other projects across a wide range of sectors.

  • craig-hellen Craig Hellen
    Craig Hellen
    Motion Graphics

    In the constantly-changing environment of digital video, Craig prides himself on staying one step ahead of the game and keeping abreast of the latest technologies and techniques. He specialises in the production of motion graphics and is a pioneer in the use of drone technology for stunning aerial video. Projects include the documentation of activities for BUPA in Ecuador, to managing the development and delivery of complex 3D design and animation for several pharmaceutical products.

  • Sarah Stanton
    Systems Specialist

    Having worked for over 20 years in the aerospace, MoD, automotive and medical devices industries, Sarah has first-hand experience of process-based businesses. As a Chartered Engineer, she fully grasps the nature and needs of technical businesses and understands how software systems can be used to manage both business critical data, and associated workflows. Sarah enjoys working with companies at a very detailed level and is also equally comfortable in helping to define top-level strategy needs.

  • grant-appleton Grant Appleton
    Grant Appleton
    Social Media

    Grant leads our social media marketing and has been at the forefront of the social media revolution for the last five years helping a diverse set of clients to build their targeted client networks on platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. His significant experience is gathered from working in sectors ranging from hospitality to PR, drinks, food, publishing, retail and agency. Current projects include Alhambra Beer, Ocho Tequila, Thai Taste, Huntsham Court and Mixellany Drinks Consultancy.

  • rupert-janisch Rupert Janisch
    Rupert Janisch

    A grandmother’s lavish praise after a thankyou letter for a pair of Christmas socks first demonstrated to Rupert the potency of the written word. After studying the skeleton of our mother tongue in the form of Latin A-Level (yes, really), he studied English Literature at Leeds University before training as a journalist and later becoming a copywriter, bid writer and PR consultant. Clients now range in size in a spectrum of industries, from construction and care homes to food, drink and finance.

  • miles-burden Miles Burden
    Miles Burden

    Miles is a multi-format, multi-discipline photographer focusing on both digital retouching and photography. His specialisms are corporate headshots, formal and informal portraits, and product shots. With an engineering background Miles has a technical approach to creating clean and balanced images and prides himself on his attention to detail. He has undertaken commissions for many large corporations, such as Thistle insurance and Folkes Holdings, as well as for smaller SMEs and individuals.

  • Roxy
    Head of Security

    Roxy was born in 2005 and since then has achieved very few formal qualifications in the world of web development (well, none really). However, when it comes to rapidly locating a fallen biscuit crumb, barking aimlessly at thin air or spotting furtive squirrels up to a mile away Roxy is simply unequalled in our team. She prefers snoozing to hard work and slightly predictably her favourite 4 Digital project of all time is www.generationpup.ac.uk. which she thinks is pawsitively brilliant!


As MD of Tax Management New Zealand, I have utilised Andy’s services and those of his company since 2002. The longevity of this association is testimony to our working relationship. Andy is commercial in his approach, and has demonstrated ability to interact constructively in helping us define user requirements and implement great web based systems.

Ian Kuperus, Founding Director, TMNZ

A pleasure to work with. Amazing attention to detail, creative solutions, elegantly executed. On a personal level (but still in a business context!), Andy is a calm, approachable, friendly, philosophical man and a pleasure to know. In one word? Trustworthy. In three? Trustworthy Technological Evangelist.

David Hazell, Computer Software Professional

Andy has the ability to fully understand a client’s requirements and then transpose them into well thought out, logical, user interfaces and features. As well as being a pleasure to work with Andy’s diligence and attention to detail always ensures that a quality product is delivered that meets and regularly exceeds the client’s expectations. I would highly recommend Andy to any potential client, as his wide industry knowledge and expertise is a valuable asset to any serious online business.

Ozkan Mustafa, Development Manager, Vodafone UK

We have worked with Andy for close on a decade and must say he has been the most reliable and efficient consultant we have ever dealt with. He has always been upfront and clear about costs and timings and sticks to these even if under pressure from other quarters. With his experience and skill he adds value to all projects and requires very little supervision, thereby adding to our bottom line. I would have no hesitation in recommending Andy and his team to anyone wanting Web development.

Alex Garden, Managing Director, Netinsites