Case studies. Mobile apps.

Every web and app project is different. Every client is different. And so our
approach at 4 Digital is centred on understanding exactly what you need to
achieve online and then identifying the perfect blend of our skills and services
to help you hit those goals with ease.


Everywoman is a thriving global network for women in business designed to provide leading-edge advice, products, services and events for all women at any stage in their career paths. Centred on a members-only, online model Everywoman offers a wide variety of personal development tools via their website, including articles, videos, workbooks and webinars.


Everywoman were keen to give their members the easiest and most flexible way of accessing and using their resources, whether in the office or on the move. As such a mobile app was proposed to complement their website, providing a simple way for members to access and complete ongoing workbooks, view and start new workbooks, or just browse latest articles, video and event calendars. Working closely with Everywoman’s marketing agency (and our long-term associates) The Really Helpful Marketing Company, we initially mapped out the user journey through the app using live wireframe prototypes. This allowed us and the client to test out and refine how the app would function and how a user would navigate through the content. The next stage was to design an engaging and intuitive interface built around a central ‘dashboard’ which utilises multi-directional scrolling and swiping to navigate through the content. The real power of the app though is the way it seamlessly syncs with the Everywoman website so that a member continue a workbook on the move that they were early working on in the office. A simple ‘Like’ feature as well as a bookmarking feature were also integrated, and these also sync with the website so the user can access them later in the office.

  • Design and development of iOS mobile app for iPhone and iPad use
  • Android version of app is currently in development
  • Secure member-only authentication
  • Syncing of workbook progress with the Everywoman website
  • Syncing of likes and bookmarks with the Everywoman website
  • Inclusion of video and webinar content

Seamless project management, bags of digital experience and the ability to overcome any technical challenge – just some of the reasons why we choose to partner up with our friends at 4 Digital. Great work guys."

Gareth Wood, The Really Helpful Marketing Company

The Red Tagger

‘Red Tagging’ is business-to-business inventory and asset recycling carried out by forwarding thinking companies embracing Lean Thinking. 4 Digital have helped to create a website and app to support this activity at every level.


It’s more than just a website. It’s an app too. And everything inbetween to ensure that they both speak to each other efficiently, regardless of where you are. So, you take a photo of something in Australia, it’s on the website in the USA in seconds, and available to everyone in the UK and elsewhere worldwide.

  • A sophisticated website that manages photo uploads and product descriptions
  • Client accounts and management of users, stock and everything related
  • Mechanisms to enable free and easy trading between businesses
  • A mobile app that allows companies to get surplus or obsolete assets and stock online in seconds
  • An admin system allowing TheRedTagger staff to easily manage all transactions

We required an IT solution that seamlessly integrated a mobile app with a global website and database, and essentially it had to be intuitive and simple to use. The team at 4 Digital worked closely with us ensuring the solution exactly matched our image and functionality requirement. Perfect!"

Andy Kelsall, Managing Director, Australia


As MD of Tax Management New Zealand, I have utilised Andy’s services and those of his company since 2002. The longevity of this association is testimony to our working relationship. Andy is commercial in his approach, and has demonstrated ability to interact constructively in helping us define user requirements and implement great web based systems.

Ian Kuperus, Founding Director, TMNZ

A pleasure to work with. Amazing attention to detail, creative solutions, elegantly executed. On a personal level (but still in a business context!), Andy is a calm, approachable, friendly, philosophical man and a pleasure to know. In one word? Trustworthy. In three? Trustworthy Technological Evangelist.

David Hazell, Computer Software Professional

Andy has the ability to fully understand a client’s requirements and then transpose them into well thought out, logical, user interfaces and features. As well as being a pleasure to work with Andy’s diligence and attention to detail always ensures that a quality product is delivered that meets and regularly exceeds the client’s expectations. I would highly recommend Andy to any potential client, as his wide industry knowledge and expertise is a valuable asset to any serious online business.

Ozkan Mustafa, Development Manager, Vodafone UK

We have worked with Andy for close on a decade and must say he has been the most reliable and efficient consultant we have ever dealt with. He has always been upfront and clear about costs and timings and sticks to these even if under pressure from other quarters. With his experience and skill he adds value to all projects and requires very little supervision, thereby adding to our bottom line. I would have no hesitation in recommending Andy and his team to anyone wanting Web development.

Alex Garden, Managing Director, Netinsites